Hoogendijk Sliedrecht
Hoogendijk Sliedrecht
Westerstraat 2
3361 XS Sliedrecht
+31 184 49 30 30 - info@hoogendijksliedrecht.nl
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Machinefabriek Hoogendijk has broad experience in placement and installation of complete propulsion lines and rudder systems. By keeping the production of the propeller shafts, stern tubes, rudder stocks, rudders and rudder hole sleeves in-house, we are flexible and able to take care of all your needs. 

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Our machine shop originally provided machine work for engine repair and overhaul. Through the years, however, its activities have expanded to further machining operations and delivering products for third parties. The machine shop now processes parts for diesel engines and makes complete propeller shafts, rudder stocks, rudders, rudder trunks, shafts, and bearing bushes.

Manufactoring - Propulsion line

Propulsion line

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