Hoogendijk Sliedrecht
Hoogendijk Sliedrecht
Westerstraat 2
3361 XS Sliedrecht
+31 184 49 30 30 - info@hoogendijksliedrecht.nl
Keep inland navigation vessels in service


About us

Wondering if we fit you? Our approach is personal and involved. You can always appeal to us on honesty, dedication, knowledge of the internet and results! It's all something!

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About us - Eigen afmeerkade met 140 meter torenkraan

Hoogendijk Sliedrecht, who else?

Projects and service can be carried out at our 140 meter quay at Sliedrecht. Besides our quay we have a crane that can reach to five ships in width. 

Why you should choose for Hoogendijk Sliedrecht

  • Available day and night
  • Minimal downtime because of the parts in stock
  • A wide range of special services in house
  • Innovative
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